Some cows at Lauwersmeer
Gamma Racing Day 2014
Snake at Burgers Zoo
Elephants at Burgers Zoo
I shot this close-up of a Pieridae while visiting FochteloŽrveen (Dr.)
A field of Papaver Rhoeas near Smilde (Dr.)
I forgot to write down they type of animal
An infant baboon sitting on a rock
Two parrots in love sitting on a branch
Prairie dog's feeding each other
Butterfly sitting on a flower in Emmen Zoo
Fish in an aquarium in Emmen Zoo
Skeleton of a fish
A statue of Lenin in Assen for an exposition
Drents Museum in Assen
Jozefkerk in Assen
Nice creation from d' Olderwetse Bakkerieje in Assen
A crane at the Eemshaven
Found this nice red tree on one of my Sunday trips
Trick or treat candy
Beautiful church in Salzburg
A camouflage butterfly on a purple flower
Closeup of grain during a ride on Sunday
Redshank sitting on a pole
A barn swallow taking off from a fence
Butterfly sitting on a flower
One of my cornflower close-ups
Emberiza citrinella sitting on black soil
They seem to be in love!
I'm going to catch you!
Knock knock, who's there?
Don't mind me, I'm just passing bee...
Our second cat Minnie, a true rebel!
A marmot we spotted during a hiking trip in France in 2006
A squirrel searching for nuts in the grass
Sunset above Arnhem, The Netherlands
Close-up of a fireplace which just went out
Building A of Radio Kootwijk
Winter is coming!
Our petting zoo got an emoe!
The inside of the grain silo in the port of Assen
The inside of the grain silo in the port of Assen
The inside of the grain silo in the port of Assen
The inside of the grain silo in the port of Assen
A curious pigeon sitting on a lantarn
A close-up of a Lullaby at  FochteloŽrveen
Overview of the Gamma Racing Day 2011 at the TT Circuit in Assen
The new part of the Drents Museum in Assen
A close-up a purple flower shot at a random place
A middle spotted woodpecker shot at Wapserzand (Drents-Friese Wold)
Thunderstorm above Assen
Just an ordinary sunset at BalloŽrveld
Tree Pipit on a pole at Lauwersmeer
A house sparrow on a fence
A piece of fungus stuck to a tree in Gieten
A young chick at the petting zoo in Assen
A picture of a Reed Warbler shot at the hooglandroute near the lauwersmeer
A macro shot of a flower
A picture with grass and almost plain blue sky
A frog in a pond at the Dwingelderveld
This macro photo of a wasp has been shot at the Dwingelderveld
A herd of sheep at the BalloŽrveld
A close-up photo of a mushroom shot at the BalloŽrveld
The Arkadi Monastery on Crete
A road sign on Crete
Just a random dandelion
Picture taken at night at the Emmen zoo
Mont Saint-Michel in France
Before the storm
The final peice of our wedding cake  consumed at 1 year anniversary
A makro shot of barb wire at Kamp Westerbork
A monument at Kamp Westerbork in remembrance of the Jews
An exhibition at the openluchmuseum in Arnhem
This is our cat, Pip
A car we passed at our honeymoon